Celebrating many more impactful digital products

We are pleased to launch “Celebrating many more impactful digital products”, the second edition of stories on how we collaborate with our customers. This edition features Autotech Development, BUSdata, Carcare, Culture Intelligence, GymAxess, Kahoot, Trintech and UpNorway.

Introducing the publication, Dag Honningsvag, Chairman of the Board and Mano Sekaram, Founder and CEO commented, “When we published our first edition of “Celebrating impactful digital products” in 2020, it was an opportunity to showcase our outstanding tech talent, collaborative teams and proven delivery model. We are delighted to see a fresh set of stories emerge, each highlighting the vision, passion and perseverance of founders and product owners, working alongside our teams.”

Given below are some excerpts from the book. Download the full book here.

Torunn Tronsvang

“We believe that instead of having one or two tech resources in-house, it is much better for us to work with a company like 99x. We know that the developers and tech people who work there are exposed to new learnings, the newest in technology, trends and developments at all times, so that we too can stay updated through them.” - Torunn Tronsvang, Founder and CEO, Up Norway

Torkjel Austad

“Our distributed teams allow us to accelerate our testing to deliver the velocity of a 16-hour workday. Of course, the communication and relationships must be in place for this to work. We use video calls and Slack diligently to keep the teams connected.” – Torkjel Austad, QA Manager, Kahoot!

Henrik Jaeck

Nothing worth achieving ever comes easy. When I used my simple assessment, 30 faults on 100 vehicles gave you a 30% likelihood of a problem. As we went deeper, we realized the complexity of what we were trying to solve. The lesson learned was that you should tap into the expertise of a partner and 99x provided that for us.” - Henrik Jaeck, CEO, BUS

Anna Elvnejd, Anders Stenmark

“We needed more developers and we put out ads here in Sweden...That’s when Anders got to know about 99x through a mutual contact who had done some work with 99x in the past. That made it a simple decision for us to engage because the recommendation was from a person we trusted.”. Anna Elvnejd, Anders Stenmark, Co-founders, Autotech Development

Oyvind Tveit

“We have an excellent relationship with the team and work closely in an agile manner. Continuous improvement is important to us, and we have an adaptable team to make this happen… we adopted this saying which is close to our hearts – ‘The only way to go fast is to go well’. It is like our creed on how to engage and be successful together as an engineering team.” - Oyvind Tveit, Chief Technology Officer, Culture Intelligence

Gerwin Quak

“When you outsource, typically you feel there is this divide or barrier between your company and the remote team you work with. …but with 99x this has been different! I have shared my experiences with friends who I know work in IT, especially about the level of transparency that 99x provides” - Gerwin Quak, CEO and Founder, GymAxess

Lars Eriksson

“The developers from 99x would question things more, and they would speak up and collaborate. As a development team, they brought in a lot more business value to the product than any other supplier we have worked with. 99x has become like our regular employees and I think that it is a great way to scale together and create business value” - Lars Eriksson, CEO, Carcare

 Karl Bendixby

“We try to strive for as much autonomy as possible between teams and make it an agile process. We can do this because the team consists of skilled resources. We are not just buying bandwidth from Colombo but building a senior, capable team.” - Karl Bendixby, Vice President Global Engineering, Trintech.

Download the full book here.