COVID-19 impact and measures taken at 99X Technology 

Multiple steps were taken to increase awareness, limit spread of possible infections and contingency plans were implemented to look after our staff.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. Based on the emerging clusters of new infections in many countries, we do not see this situation improving over the next few weeks.

The Situation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has an increasing number of COVID-19 cases (19cases as at 16 March) and the Government of Sri Lanka has enforced strict screening measures in place at the airport including temperature scanning, as well as quarantine centres set up across the country, and this vigilance has been successful so far in containing the infection. The Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health continues to create awareness and guidance to the general public on the disease and preventive measures. This also includes specific guidance for travelers from high-risk countries who do not exhibit any symptoms.

While all these measures are in place, it is likely that we could see more cases emerge in Sri Lanka in the coming days. The following websites are available for more information:

Ministry of Health – Epidemiology Unit

Sri Lanka Tourism – Coronavirus Countermeasures

99X Technology Countermeasures

We have taken multiple steps to increase awareness among our staff, limit spread of possible infections and implemented contingency plans to look after our staff. These include:

  • Enabled all our staff with laptops and high-speed internet dongles to work from home as required. This will enable the entire company to operate remotely should that contingency arise
  • Tested out work from home scenarios successfully to ensure business continuity
  • Bringing together vital stakeholders through the formation of the COVID-19 Task Force, with representation across functional units including the management, HR, IT, facilities etc., ensuring quick action is taken during this time of uncertainty
  • Regular communication on COVID-19 awareness and personal hygiene practices via emails and posters to all staff
  • Consulted with our company doctor and educated and encouraged staff to work from home if they are unwell (exhibiting flu symptoms) to prevent the risk of infection
  • All staff returning from overseas are to observe a two-week, work-from-home period upon their return. Additionally, staff planning on travelling overseas have been advised not to, and have to inform the company if they still intend on travelling
  • Called off all events and gathering to be held on the office premises, and advised our staff against attending any gatherings, conferences or workshops during this time

Business Continuity

We have implemented measures needed to ensure all our employees have connectivity and have the ability to work from home. We will operate with the best interests of our all employees, and their health and safety in the days ahead. Our management and project leads will actively keep our customers updated on the situation in Sri Lanka worsen and when contingency plans will be activated.

Despite the prevailing situation, we are thankful to note that the stringent measures we have taken have helped us reduce risk and are allowing us to operate ‘business as usual’, providing the best possible service to our customers while ensuring the health and wellbeing of our employees.

COVID-19 Action Centre for Workplaces

We at 99X Technology have taken stringent measures to ensure business continuity across the board and have accumulated many learnings within a short period of time. We have used this knowledge to create a COVID-19 Action Centre for Workplaces portal, intended to provide businesses with a perspective of the key areas that need to be looked into and what we feel are vital policies and information to assist you in protecting your employees’ wellbeing while maintaining business continuity. Do check it out and please feel free to get in touch with us via for more information.

Please feel free to get in touch with us via for more information.