Driw’s extended development team at 99x grows by 20+ members in a year

In 2020, a year of uncertainty across industries globally, logistics software company Driw took the bold decision to rapidly expand their development team at 99x, adding 23 new resources in 2020 and 2021.

Today, the Driw’s extended development team comprises of 36 engineers in total across 7 sub-teams.

This growth was to support the expansion of Driw’s product suite ‘Trace’, consisting of an integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS), Order Management System (OMS), Store Management System (SMS) and a Transport Management System (TMS).

A Nordic leader in logistics software, Driw commenced its partnership with 99x in 2018, when it needed a software partner for development on their newest platform. A successful pilot with 99x showed them the potential for growth through innovative tech such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, etc. and their engagement with 99x started with a 3-person team.

Chief Product Officer of Driw Jon Vidar Eidsaa commented, “We have always had the large supermarket chains as customers and have been successful as a company. We realized that our technology platform had to change to support the future of retail, that we needed to respond to this. We also realized that the customer is now digital, more demanding and they request more alternatives on delivery, price and flexibility. Supporting this behaviour was becoming a barrier for logistics chains using older technology. Another priority was to move away from custom implementations for each customer and have a standard platform instead.”

To support Driw’s product development, their extended 99x team comprises of architects, full-stack engineers, front-end specialists and mobile developers (Android and IOS). “99x has been a valuable partner for us in a demanding growth period for the company where we had to ramp up quickly. We are both impressed and inspired with how 99x work with culture, competence and innovation,” said HR Manager of Driw, Merete Aaheim Alnes.