New logo, new look

We are excited to share our new visual identity with all of you – it's been many months of work, disrupted by the most unexpected obstacles, but we are finally here!

What's new with the change?

Although our name was 99X Technology, almost everyone referred to us as 99x, which honestly was a branding nightmare. Our logo would be shortened to 99x and be missing the technology part at times, or we’d be referred to as 99X Technologies. It was confusing for most and frustrating for us. So, we thought, why not embrace 99x?

It was an opportunity to refresh our brand, reposition our value proposition and consolidate who we are as a company. A bold new look that embodied our open and fun workplace, and our awesome people - a look that showcased our playfulness while capturing the core of our work. We’ve been in operation for 15 years and in that time, have created strong partnerships with our primarily Scandinavian clientele. We wanted our new look to reflect that too.

We, therefore, engaged with a Norwegian design firm – they came down to Sri Lanka, spent some days with us, understood how we worked, ate a ton of seafood, and headed back – with the promise to surprise us.

And surprise us they did. In a good way though, and we hope you feel the same!

The Logo

99x is about numbers. Numbers is proof of our impact. It’s in our name. It’s the bare facts of what we do. But we’re far from being only about numbers. We see solutions, we advise and make products better. To do that you need to look at it from another angle. We have to think outside the box. Be playful.

Code is at the core of what we do and what our new logo does is, it takes the ones and zeros of binary and playfully arranges it to form our brand new look! The following animation helps you visualise it better.

99x rebranded logo animation

It’s also allowed us to explore our playful side, which we've really taken advantage of through our merchandise, collateral and more!

99x brand launch samples

What has changed is our name, look and feel of the brand, colors, fonts, and design elements.

More importantly, what hasn’t changed is our focus to co-create digital products which conquer markets together with our customers, while being a life-partner to our employees and being a positive influence on society. We have been doing this for 15 years and it will continue to be core to all we do and why we exist.

Basically, we’re the same bunch of innovative product specialists, creative thinkers and team players- just with a shorter name and a whole new look! And you’ll be seeing a lot more of this across our channels. Check out our brand new website to see what we are all about.