Innovating digital solutions for offshore energy

4Subsea, established in 2007, is a Norwegian technology company specializing in advanced digital solutions for the offshore energy industry.

They provide expertise and services related to subsea operations and asset integrity management. Their focus areas include monitoring, maintenance, and optimization of subsea assets to enhance safety, improve performance, and extend the lifespan of offshore structures.

4Subsea's solutions involve the use of data analytics, sensor technology, and engineering expertise to offer insights and recommendations for their clients. By combining traditional engineering knowledge with digital technologies, they aim to help their customers make informed decisions and reduce operational risks and costs in the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors.

Driving innovation

Currently, 4subsea 99x team is engaged with several projects which are under two sub teams as Marine Operations team and Subsea Asset Integrity Management team and works on the core systems.

Marine Operations team

The team is developing a front-end web component of real-time decision support to marine operators, providing them with actionable insights and recommendations during critical operations. This includes all the details of predicted weather, wind and sea wave for some future time.

Subsea Asset Integrity Management team

We are developing multiple front-end web components for a real-time Asset Monitoring and Operational Planning tool. It provides insights into the valves being used, their diagram with real time status, as well as an Operation Planning feature.

Tech stacks used

Some of the tech stacks used by 4SubSea 99x team are Angular 14, Prime Ng, .NET 7, Node JS, Python, and Windows Azure.

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Kari Bente Skarbø

Director Business Development