Reimagining online advertising through automation and AI

A startup with a vision to become one of the best online advertising tools in the world, Adline is a multi-channel digital advertising platform.

It aims to replace traditional advertising by providing streamlined digital marketing and advertising for marketers. The one-stop platform enables small, medium-sized business owners to achieve a higher ROI from their advertising spending.

Adline currently provides integration to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Ad It uses specialized algorithms to optimize ad spending within channels and has the ability to make decisions in place of customers.

Strategic partnerships to be the best

Understanding its need for specialized tech knowledge to win in the marketplace, Adline onboarded 99x as its dedicated engineering partner in 2019, to provide end-to-end software development services.

Acquiring domain knowledge

The primary challenge was the 99x team needing to understand this new domain. Yet, they were able to do this and develop the product, even implementing massive changes rapidly based on customer feedback.

Distributed and collaborative teams

The Adline team is a highly diverse, global one with talent from different countries and regions collaborating virtually to build this cutting-edge platform. The 99x team is part of this distributed network and efficiently collaborates with multiple stakeholders to deliver results.

Improving product quality and scalability

As the platform started to scale, issues in quality surfaced due to the lack of a proper quality strategy. 99x stepped in, expanding its collaboration with Adline to improve quality and product architecture.

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Kari Bente Skarbø

Director Business Development