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Since 1961, Norkart has evolved from making detailed maps to becoming a driving force in the development of digital mapping and software. Today, they are digitization pioneers in the fields of geographical information and municipal engineering in Norway.

Norkart strongly believes that the success to their incredible fruition in business lies with their highly competent employees and their execution of competence to uphold the proximity and reliability to customers since the very beginning.

While Norkart enjoys its success with their main products GISLINE, KOMTEK and e-TORG, it continues to expand and add value with recent investments in mobile applications and web-based solutions exploring the increasing demand for self-service solutions.

With offices spread across 5 cities in Norway and 182 expert employees and counting, to this day Norkart contributes to automating Norway, with the 99x team alongside them to make this possible.

A transformative leader

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An evolving, passionate team

Norkart’s 99x project team experienced tremendous growth, counting 29 team members in less than a year since initiation. They take pride in having a very young, energetic, automation enthusiastic team with fresh perspective.

Safety and security-first solutions

About 80% of all development activities in Norkart are now about creating new solutions designed to run in the Cloud or is about adapting existing solutions to be delivered as services. In line with this, the 99x team strives to add value with security-enabled solution architecture.

Best of human experiences at heart

The 99x team makes a difference through a dedicated UX team, ensuring customers’ digitized experience is relaxed, usable and inviting. The team is keen about designing solutions that do not just minimize but also eliminate pain points.

Power to grow in a competitive market

“We have developed a great partnership with 99x, giving us the power and flexibility to grow in a competitive market. Highly skilled team members, their understanding of a complex domain and their dedication, gave us the support we needed to undertake one of our most challenging projects ever.” Marius Seglsten, Technology Director of Norkart.

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