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Increasing efficiencies by over 60% for Norway’s top travel curator

For most travelers, a holiday in Norway might simply mean images of majestic fjords, the Northern Lights and pockets of villages bordering serene lakes. But for Up Norway, it was important to present everything Norway had to offer beyond the beaten paths, and to do it sustainably as well.

This has enabled Up Norway to become the number one travel curator to discerning global travelers. Their success is based on local expertise, a sustainable approach and producing digital itineraries to plan an immersive journey into the heart of Norway – all tailored by a team of professional insiders.

While their approach worked brilliantly for travelers, it created some problems for Up Norway. The process was cumbersome and time-consuming, and they needed a solution, fast.

Up to 12 hours to design a journey

Designing a bespoke all-inclusive journey could take up to 12 hours! Up Norway needed to speed up design and booking, facilitate automatic quality assurance, and increase revenue, profitability and satisfaction per journey sold.

Increase efficiencies across the board

They turned to 99x to increase efficiencies across the board and the team opted for a solution powered by AWS services.

AWS-driven tech stack

Serverless, CloudFront, CloudWatch and more were used to ensure website availability globally, set up a fully-fledged admin panel, set up reminders for client applications and resolve other burning issues.

Time spent reduced by 60%

The automated solutions have helped Up Norway reduce time spent by 60% and increase sales. The new system reduces time taken to build journeys by 70% and helps them create more journeys within a given time, which is ultimately reflected in their sales targets and more positive customer feedback.

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Kari Bente Skarbø

Director Business Development