Harnessing AWS to scalable digital products for an innovative startup

A leading Norwegian-based risk management consultancy firm, Whatif commenced in the early 2000s dealing with paper-based risk management, branching out into a gamification approach through a board game backed by consultancy services provided by the company.

Whatif understood the need to digitize this approach and approached 99x to migrate the physical Whatif product onto a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

This was done successfully, bringing about the transfer of Whatif’s entire IT operations to Colombo. From there, Whatif moved into further expansion in risk management, from which the idea for CoverYa emerged – a new product solely focusing on safe job analysis.

Supporting product pivots

The development of CoverYa posed several issues for 99x – it was their first hybrid mobile application at a time when hybrid mobile apps were a fresh entrant to the software sphere. The product pivoted many times, bringing about entirely new developmental requirements.

Freedom to innovate

Whatif gave the 99x team the freedom to innovate and take their own developmental decisions and the team faced these challenges head-on.

Cloud Native app backed by AWS

The hybrid mobile application was built entirely in Cloud Native, harnessing the flexibility and scalability provided by Amazon Web Services, such as AWS Lambda and AWS API gateways, which brought about many cost advantages for Whatif.

Scalable architecture supporting white labelling

99x supported the product pivot from end-to-end, creating mobile apps for CoverYa on all platforms and developing white labelled products for customers who required customized experiences.

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