Diverse Minds, Limitless Possibilities

In today's rapidly evolving world, diversity and inclusion (D&I) has become more than just buzzwords; they are crucial elements for fostering innovation, creativity, and success within organizations. At 99x, we firmly believe in the transformative power of embracing diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment where every Xian feels valued and respected, regardless of their background, identity, or experience.

In this blog, we shed light on some of the remarkable initiatives we have implemented to promote D&I at 99x.

Breaking Stereotypes: Embracing Diversity in All Forms at 99x

Imagine a team where talent has no boundaries, where vibrant minds from various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives come together to tackle challenges and build digital winning products. That's exactly how we are at 99x.

By breaking through barriers and shattering stereotypes, we believe in providing equal opportunities for all, recognizing the unique talents and perspectives that individuals can bring to the table. We recognize that people with disabilities are often overlooked or underestimated in the workforce, and we wanted to challenge that norm by making a conscious effort to hire individuals from diverse backgrounds and ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. Recently we had the privilege of hiring Ashan Senadheera, a differently abled trainee software engineer on our team. Ashan brings a unique perspective and valuable skills to our team and his presence not only enriches our team but also contributes to our mission of creating a workplace that celebrates and respects individuals of all abilities.

Beyond the Boys' Club – Our efforts to promote gender diversity in the tech industry

In a world where tech was once seen as a boys' club, we donned our capes and embarked on a daring mission: to shake up the status quo and empower women to soar to new heights in the tech industry.

We are proud to report that women make up 25% of our total workforce at 99x, and we are committed to increasing this percentage in the future. Moreover, we have women in management positions who play an active role in making key decisions and shaping the company’s direction. To further enhance our diversity, we have recently added Samra Aman, a talented and accomplished woman, to our management team.

We are also proud to have 30% of our project leaders at 99x being women. We believe that promoting women in leadership positions not only creates a more equitable workplace but also fosters innovation and growth.

The Xian ladies

At 99x, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk when it comes to inclusivity. We've built a powerhouse where women not only shine but soar to new heights. We're all about creating a vibrant space where their voices echo loud and clear, and their contributions are valued.

Since 2017, 99x has hosted the Xian Women's Forum to create a space for all the women in the company to meet, share experiences and discuss any issues faced in the workplace as women. We believe that their voices deserve to be heard, and through this forum, we're amplifying their strength, resilience, and wisdom year after year.

Women's day forum panel

Thriving Through Transitions: Work and Parenthood in Harmony

At 99x, we believe in removing any barriers that may hinder the success and well-being of our female employees. 99x ensures that none of its female employees' benefits is curtailed due to instances such as pregnancy. For instance, even during maternity leave, our female employees remain an integral part of the appraisal cycle with face-to-face discussions occurring once they return.

We recognize the unique challenges that new mothers face when reentering the workforce, particularly when it comes to balancing their professional responsibilities with the needs of their newborns. We have provided a private and comfortable space for nursing mothers to feed the new born. This dedicated room not only allows mothers to bond with their babies during breaks but also prioritizes their well-being and facilitates a smooth transition back into the workplace.

Breaking the silence and driving impact

At 99x, we firmly believe that every Xian’s voice deserves to be heard. To further enhance communication and foster inclusivity, our communication platform, Shoutout Boxes serves as a dedicated channel for Xians to express their ideas, suggestions, pain points, or concerns directly to our management team. And now, we've taken it a step further, we have introduced yet another Shoutout Box exclusively for our incredible ladies, providing them with a safe and empowering space to express their unique thoughts and experiences. At 99x, we are committed to fostering a culture where everyone's voice matters, and the Xians Ladies Shoutout Box is another step towards achieving this goal.

Thriving on Your Terms

We understand that each person has unique circumstances, responsibilities, and preferences, and we want to empower them to thrive both personally and professionally. Whether it's a working parent who needs to balance family commitments, a Xian pursuing further education, our flexible working option opens doors to a whole new world of possibilities. By offering flexible work hours and hybrid work culture, we are creating a culture that embraces the power of choice and enables every Xian to bring their best selves to work.

Connecting Minds

The IT industry is constantly evolving, and our employees need to constantly stay on top of global technological developments to succeed as IT professionals. Training and mentoring play a key role here. Mentoring happens at all levels in a structured way, from our internship programme to the lead level.

In addition to leadership and soft skills development offered to all employees, development areas are identified during the 360-degree appraisal process to hone their technical skills. Our people have the freedom to directly approach our HR and technology departments to request training for themselves and the colleagues they lead and mentor.

For our Xian ladies, we understand the importance of representation and relatability in mentorship. That's why we offer the option of requesting a female mentor. By connecting with female mentors, we foster a sense of understanding, empathy, and shared experiences that allow for meaningful connections and impactful mentorship relationships to flourish.

Charindra and Uthpalie

All in all, by embracing a culture of diversity and inclusivity, we believe that we can create a workplace where every employee can reach their full potential and help us achieve our collective goals. By creating an environment where every Xian's strengths are honored, and their voices are amplified, we open our doors to the extraordinary talents of individuals with diverse abilities, celebrate their unique strengths and contributions, and foster a workplace that embodies true inclusivity.