Hacktitude pushes the boundaries of what's possible in hackathons

Hacktitude is an inter-university virtual hackathon geared at grooming undergraduates to be industry-ready upon graduation, by exposing them to technical challenges that drive them to develop ‘production-grade’ code.

With over 600 undergraduates across the island battling it out to emerge victoriously, this is one of the biggest hackathons to ever take place in Sri Lanka.

Within 9 hours, the participants are required to earn 99 points by completing the set of tasks given. The teams are ranked based on the number of points they earn by solving the given problems. The challenges are hosted on DevGrade, a first-of-its-kind platform developed by 99x to train product engineers and assist in evaluations. 

Want to know more about Hacktitude? These FAQs may help you out

What is in it for me?

This is your chance to push beyond your limits and prove that you are the best in developing production-grade code. You will get to build your skills and work with near real-world projects. This will allow you to develop yourself to be industry-ready before even entering the job market.

You will be given a project to work on for nine hours, comprising a wide mix of feature implementations, bug fixes, improvements and algorithmic problems. You will also be participating in the competition using the machine of your choice and a development environment you are comfortable in.

Hacktitude is the perfect place to put your knowledge from university to practice and this might even lead you to an internship at 99x.

What prizes are up for grabs?

In addition to gaining new experience, polishing up team collaboration and building your skills, you’ll also get the chance to win some amazing prizes. In 2022, the winning team of Hacktitude walked away with MacBook Pros for the entire team, including the academic coach. The championship trophy was awarded to the university with the highest points and the top 10 teams received some cool gift packs.

What technologies should I know?

The 2022 event required participants to know the following:

  • Using Git to work collaboratively
  • Node.js/Express for backend development
  • JavaScript and EJS for frontend development
  • NPM for building and serving
  • Working with relational databases with SQL

Highlights from Hacktitude 2022

hacktitude highlights 2022

Dalana Dharmathilake, Ashan Rathnaweera and Visal Jayathilaka from the University of Colombo School of Computing (USCS) walked away with high-end developer-grade MacBook Pros and gift packs as the winning team of Hacktitude 2022 by completing the tasks within nearly 4.5 hours. Pasindu Marasinghe, the academic coach of the winning UCSC team, also walked away with a MacBook and many prizes as he coached three other teams in the top 10.

winning team of hacktitude 2022

Out of the 25 state and private institutes registered, University of Moratuwa – CSE faculty was awarded the Hacktitude championship trophy as they scored the highest points collectively.

hacktitude championship trophy 2022

hacktitude teams 2022

Only 12 teams managed to score the full points and they were all recognized at the Hacktitude award ceremony, held at Kingsbury Colombo.

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