Internships at 99x: Everything you need to know

99x’s Internship 4.0 programme is a fundamental part of the 99x Dotitude University Outreach Initiative.

The Dotitude team, powered purely by enthusiastic volunteer Xians, works closely with universities islandwide to empower undergrads with knowledge on cutting-edge tech, new trends in the global ICT space and the soft skills required to be industry-ready upon graduation.

We reach out to undergrads from their first year itself, with them joining us for their industry placement in their third or fourth years, depending on which university they come from.We are proud to work closely with over 20 State universities and higher education institutes on a yearly basis, and the 99x Internship 4.0 programme features interns from across the country.

99x Internship FAQs

Want to know more? These FAQs may help you out.

How can I apply for internships at 99x?

Send your CV to with a covering letter as to why you are suited to be a part of the 99x internship 4.0 programme. As we receive many CVs every week, our team will only get in touch with you if we have open internship vacancies and if you are selected for the interview round.

When do you hire interns?

We hire once our current batch of interns complete their internship and based on our project requirements. We don’t have defined periods for internship hiring.

What are the internships that 99x offers?

We offer internships primarily in software development, QA, UX and marketing.

Which universities do you hire interns from?

We are open to recruiting interns from any university or higher education institute, and select suitable candidates for the 4.0 programme based on their personal achievements and performance, not by which university they are from.

On the job training at 99x internship

What qualifications do I need to have to apply?

You need to be following or have completed a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering or a bachelor's degree in an area corresponding to your field. A good GPA, participation in extra-curricular activities and additional tech projects outside your core educational scope will be an advantage. You should be able to complete at least a full-time 6-month (24 weeks) internship to be eligible to apply for the 99x internship program (we don't recruit short term/part-time interns).

We encourage all undergrads to experiment with new technologies, sign up for webinars and industry events and proactively learn about the latest trends, as this will stand out on your profile. The 99x Dotitude Facebook page often features blog posts, videos and more content on new tech and trends, which can be useful to you.

What kind of sessions does the Dotitude team do at universities?

Hands-on technical sessions on various topics and technologies like on Open Source, web development React, Java, JavaScript, Azure, UX and more, project management sessions, for example around Agile methodologies, soft skills sessions on how to build up your CV and be industry ready, mock interviews, just to name a few!

I’d like the Dotitude team to do sessions at my university/institute, how can I request this?

Simply drop us a mail on with your requirement and if there are specific areas you would like us to focus on in our workshops, and it would be great if you can copy your faculty advisor/head in the email, and we’ll be in touch.

We hope this answered some of the questions you had about the Dotitude university outreach and internship programme! If you want to know more, message us on the live website chat or drop an email to