Powered-on and Resilient: Sri Lankan IT industry empowers global businesses

Continue to power our customers’ digital ambitions despite the challenges in Sri Lanka.

The teams at 99x continue to be resilient and power our customers’ digital ambitions despite the challenges in Sri Lanka. Several customers and stakeholders shared their experiences on how they are collaborating with our teams.

Lauren Hoivik, Head of Product Development, BUS AS a longstanding customer of over ten years commented how her 99x colleagues are extremely committed to meeting targets and go above and beyond what might be expected to deliver. She also praised their resilience, optimism and positive energy to keep focusing forward.

Fredrik Bysveen, Co-founder of Driv Kapital an Investor in 99x shares his confidence on the plans in place to assure business continuity. He also added that it was 99x’s commitment and ability to provide customers the highest level of service that made 99x attractive in the first place, and that hasn’t changed.

Jan Petter Hagberg, R&D Operations Manager at SuperOffice AS a customer of 99x for over fifteen years shares how the teams have delivered exceeding expectations despite the power interruptions. He commented that there is no noticeable difference to how the teams operated before and its business as usual.

Erik Herje, CTO and Co-founder, Parkly AS has worked with 99x for over 5 years, including through his previous employer. He commented that his extended team in 99x has always delivered high quality, at the agreed time. He said that despite Sri Lanka going through a rough period, the 99x team has delivered the same impressive quality as they have all along.

Espen Slyngstad, Board Member, Lettbutikk AS has worked with 99x through multiple companies and contexts for over 5 years. He shared that the team has continued to deliver with high quality and precision through resilience and commitment. He looks forward to continuing to work with 99x despite the challenging times.

Tone Ringstad, CEO and Founder of Culture Intelligence AS a SaaS platform that helps leaders identify their organization's culture and change it faster, commented how 99x was the perfect partner for them to build their platform. She highlighted the aspects of passion, quality and self-development that forms 99x’s culture code as being key to navigating these uncertain times.

As a life-partner for our employees and a trusted partner for our customers, 99x will do whatever it takes to look after our people and ensure business continuity for our customers.

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