Product development for startups: The Adline story

Adline, a Norwegian startup developing an all-in-one digital marketing solution, started off by getting their platform built by a group of remotely-based freelance developers.

While the developers were skilled and delivered the initial product, the Adline team spent a lot of time micromanaging the developers, giving them the solutions to be implemented, looking into development processes, figuring out fixes for bugs that were popping up and more.

As the product went through pivots and new iterations, the Adline team realized that they required a product engineering partner to assist them and having met the 99X Technology team, decided to partner with them.

The 99XT team stepped in and working closely with the Adline team, started developing the product roadmap and features. Their background in product engineering and knowledge of solid development processes reduced risks and enabled them to meet technical challenges with ease. 99XT was able to offer multiple solutions to issues, which the Adline team could easily evaluate and decide on the best way forward based the startup’s budget, requirements etc.

the adline story 1

the adline story 2

Importantly, being freed of this technical and product development burden and micromanaging multiple remotely operating resources, gave the Adline team valuable time and space to focus on business goals, new business ideas, brainstorm new features and conduct market research to understand user responses to their new product. And as a startup, this partnership allowed them to go to market much faster than they initially anticipated, which was a vital breakthrough.

Today, the Adline product runs on Angular and React for the frontend, PHP for the backend and is hosted and maintained on Amazon Web Services. A year since the commencing the partnership with 99XT, the platform offers a range of features that guarantees faster digital conversions in just 48 hours – this includes recommendations driven by Artificial Intelligence.

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