Winning Product (WP)

We have helped more than 50 customers over two decades to build successful products. We want to share what we have learnt from these experiences to help you in aspects such as delivery, UI/UX, marketing and customer feedback analysis. This knowledge forms the base of our very own Winning Product framework. Learn more

Product thinking

  • Focuses on Value Centric thinking to cultivate the right mental models required to create impactful business value outcomes.

  • Cultivate effective product management best practices.

Product analysis

Elaborates and analyzes the business value outcomes and its influence on the real world. Identifies and elaborates domain knowledge areas that are required to create impactful outcomes.

Product design

Design how end-users perceive and experience business value outcomes. Design and create the right UIs that allow end-user experience with the right business outcomes.

Product health

  • Ensure relevant metrics are used to measure the impact of business value outcomes
  • Ensure product engineering excellence is achieved by following the best practices
  • Ensure the product management process adhere to the required standards, measured against a Product Health Index.

WP Certification

Team members need to have the product first mindset to build a successful product. The WP certification series enable individuals to get certified on their knowledge of the WP canvas. This ensures that skilled, product management experts are accessible to your projects.

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