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From legacy to cloud: The digital transformation of the Adra product suite

Long before joining Trintech in 2017, Adra Software was founded in 1989 in Oslo, Norway by a group of far-thinking people who believed that by automating basic reconciliation tasks, they could give businesses time to focus on the tasks that really matter to organisational growth.

Today, Adra is a global expert in reconciling transactions and automating the financial close. With customer insights remaining a priority, product development continues to enhance their systems to meet customer needs.

This emphasis on continuous product development brought Adra to the shores of Sri Lanka back in 2011, when they decided to move their legacy desktop-based system to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and needed an innovative technology service provider to engineer this paradigm shift.

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The start of a SaaS journey

With the know-how of their outsourcing partner,Adralaunched‘Balancer’, a balance sheet reconciliations platform,as the first Cloud product developed together with 99x.

Validation while building

MVPs developed were showcased to potential clients who signed up for them, while giving feedback that was incorporated into the development of the actual products. The development on all products are now carried out in this manner.

A suite of cloud apps

Balancer was followed by Adra Matcher, which automates transaction matching; Adra Task Manager, a project management tool for financial close; Adra Analytics, which provides full visibility into the close process, and, depending on region, Adra Accounts.

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