Handling the service booklet of 1.2 million Norwegian households

Boligmappa commenced operations as a small startup back in 2011, when a problem was identified in a documentation process. A paper-based manual system was leading to the immense loss of very important data on a regular basis. So, to digitise this system, Boligmappa turned to outsourcing.

Boligmappa’s decision to outsource proved to be a successful one and it is now an established Norwegian company that provides several properties related services to Norwegian property owners and professionals.

Nearly a decade since its small beginnings, Boligmappa now offers to homeowners, Boligmappa Bedrift to professionals and a very powerful API for third parties to build applications on top of the Boligmappa system.

A market leader

Boligmappa is Norway's largest housing documentation portal

housing directories


projects logged per month

Artisan companies

documenting work

Domain knowledge

One of the biggest challenges in outsourcing was the 99x team needing to understand the domain knowledge for up to 30 different sectors! But they were able to do this and successfully create the digital solution.

Seamless integrations

The product offers an easy login with BankID. The housing directory has an open API and framework, and 40 different IT systems already have Boligmappa as an integrated service in their systems, such as Visma, Cordel and Digipost.

Team growing with the product

Over a 9-year engagement, from a team of 5, the Boligmappa team at 99x has grown to 25 people.

Thoughts from the CEO

"99x is not the cheapest out there. But you are damn good at what you are doing!"

Per-Christian Svendsen, Former CEO, Boligmappa AS

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Jan-Tore Wollan

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