Driving over 75% of Norway’s vehicle inspection industry

Today, inspecting thousands of vehicles is a day’s work for BUS, a market leader in Norway’s vehicle inspection industry. Yet, this vision was far from Co-Founder Einar Dahle’s mind when, in 1997, with just 100 customers, they took the pivotal decision to build their own product solutions to meet a dire requirement created by a change in Norway’s legislation.

Starting with a module on their ERP solution, the overwhelming demand saw BUS pivot away from the ERP solution and create the vehicle inspection product suite we see today.

While enjoying this market demand, BUS struggled with software development, trying out numerous strategies that didn’t work out. They realised they needed a different approach and direction, and so turned to outsourcing, which finally gave BUS the support needed to accelerate growth.

Market leader in vehicle inspections

75% of all periodic vehicle inspections in Norway are reported via BUS

vehicle inspections per year


of the BUS product suite


market share

Technological transformation

The BUStakst2 system underwent a major technological upgrade to support a large number of car inspections daily. This upgrade was so successful, the BUS suite was then strengthened by the introduction of the BUSpek2, BUSkvalitet2 and BUSutlån products.

Mobile enablement

To keep customers even more up-to-date with latest tech, a mobile application was implemented in just three months for the highest revenue generating application - BUSpek, enabling users to conduct inspections via the mobile app.

New features released every month

The BUS team at 99x is over 8 years old now and continuously works towards improving profitability and maintaining a feature-rich product suite, with a new release every month.

Accelerated growth

Switching to working with the 99x team gave us the support it needed to accelerate our growth. Everyone who joined our project was exceptional in their tech skills and knowledge.

Einar Dahle, Co-Founder and Owner of BUS

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