Revolutionizing the automobile industry

Carcare, since its founding in 2017, has fetched the most advanced technology in the automobile industry and it aims to disrupt the industry tremendously. The team is a group of individuals with a passion for cars, and are committed to creating the best possible service for their customers, from beginning to end.

This sophisticated lead time management system is carefully built on cutting-edge technologies for the last few years and is one of the fastest-growing solutions for reducing and controlling vehicle storage costs and we are proud to count Carcare as our first customer from Sweden.

Built using proven technologies, this SAAS-based system helps monitor and increase the turnover rate of car inventories, with a clear mission, CarCare is creating an unparalleled experience for car re-sellers and buyers.

Initial Engagement

One of the biggest challenges Carcare faced was finding the right talent within their country. As they were on the lookout for a software partner for development, they turned to 99x to implement their lead management system.

Creating value to the product

As the product engineering partner, apart from coding, the 99x team continues to bring in more inputs towards the domain and suggests changes to the solutions.

Team growth

Starting with a 3-man team, the Carcare team at 99x has grown to a diverse team of 11.

Excellent business domain knowledge

“What we appreciate most with 99x is that they can have business domain knowledge which is something we lacked with our previous business partners to come up with ideas that are not only related to the technical side of things but also the domain knowledge “

Lars Eriksson, CEO

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Kari Bente Skarbø

Director Business Development