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Defining the future for one of Norway’s most visionary ERPs

Cloud is a word now synonymous with technology – yet, many years back when cloud was only associated with the sky, is when the futuristic RamBase ERP system made its entrance into the technology space. Built for the cloud and in fact, one of the first ERP systems operating from the cloud, RamBase is a Hatteland company and has played a key role in the company’s 40 years of success.

RamBase Cloud ERP is a SaaS product with a range of different modules for sales, procurement, finance, production, logistics, auction, service rental, HR and more, all of which come together to support most of the operational needs of companies.

Of course, maintaining such a product isn’t easy. A visionary product needs to always look to the future to stay competitive. It was this reason that encouraged RamBase to look beyond the shores of Norway for product engineering expertise to help them stay ahead of the game.

Developed for the future

Cutting-edge cloud ERP for manufacturing, wholesale and auction

Complex domains and new tech

The RamBase ERP system is quite complicated with extremely in-depth features. Coupled with adapting to new technology, which was a key element in this project, RamBase posed multiple challenges to its offshoring team.

Collaborative teams

Working collaboratively, the developers in Norway and Sri Lanka have been able to deliver great outcomes and continue to do so while maintaining an excellent team dynamic.

Seven years and counting

Today, RamBase’s offshoring journey spans over seven years, with eight people working in three different teams over at 99x.

Excellent technical understanding

“There is an excellent technical understanding and competencies within the 99x teams and many of our most challenging technical projects come to them”

Roger Gullhaug, Head of Development, RamBase – a Hatteland company

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