Ice Fresh

Digitally transforming the transportation of fresh fish

The story of Ice Fresh is one that spans over three continents – of how the Norwegian-based Ice Fresh was digitally empowered to be able to sell fish from Norway and Sri Lanka, all the way in China.

A fresh fish processing company, Ice Fresh since its establishment has spread its operations to several countries including Poland, Germany, Spain, France and most recently, China.

Up until its market expansion to China, Ice Fresh operated using a manual system, which made it problematic for them when required to cater to a large customer base in China. They understood that their only way forward was the complete digitization of the manual system

Trusted technology partner

On the lookout for a trusted technology services provider, Ice Fresh turned to 99x to implement this enterprise digitization end-to-end.

Digitally selling in a challenging market

A major challenge was aligning the digitized platform to conform with the standards of two countries on different continents. Further, was the issue of trust – Chinese consumers have strong loyalty to local vendors and are wary of trusting foreign sellers.

Sophisticated internet selling platform

To overcome these challenges, the 99x team developed a sophisticated internet selling platform with fully-fledged supply chain management system powered by Azure Cloud services, equipped with unprecedented levels of product insights and sales analytics.

Increased market share and sales

It interconnects to several Chinese third-party services to overcome the challenge of dealing with foreign sellers. This built customer confidence and helped Ice Fresh gain market share. Today, the platform processes over 3,000 orders per month with just 5 people to manage the entire process.

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