Revamping a legacy GIS platform

A leading geographic information services company in the Nordic region, Nordeca is one of the largest providers of geographical data in Norway.

Its main product – a geographic information service portfolio named ‘Nordeca Insight’ – enables management representatives and leaders to gather market insights on a specific geographical area in Norway.

The platform provides a user-friendly and complete tool for analysis, decision support, reporting, and follow-up, delivering unique market insights in a visual map-based analysis solution.

End-to-end modernisation

Several years back, Nordeca’s main web portal required a revamp, with more features and powered by newer technologies. Improving the competency of the product was also another aspect they hoped to achieve.

Fusing new tech with great UX

99x was brought onboard to implement this. The 99x developers and UX team worked together to modernize the portal’s look and feel.

Streamlining processes

The developers also worked on streamlining Nordeca’s process and suggested development methodologies, such as Agile and Scrum.

Seven-year engagement

A seven-year engagement commenced from this point, with the Norwegian and Sri Lankan teams working closely to develop new features such as Nordeca’s Analysis Filter and Data Provider module, keeping the product cutting-edge and relevant in today’s marketplace.

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Kari Bente Skarbø

Director Business Development