Reducing cycle time for Europe’s leading CRM provider through continuous quality assurance

SuperOffice is all about enhancing relationships at every step of the customer journey. Founded during the growth of a whole new industry, this company has played a key role in shaping the European CRM sector over the last three decades.

Their dedication to simplicity, and a powerful combination of people, processes and technology has made them Europe’s leading CRM provider.

With more and more businesses signing up to use the product, SuperOffice started to look out for a very reliable and sustainable technology services partner to maintain their systems and deal with customer service.

Industry pioneer

Three decades of CRM knowledge, insight and expertise
businesses using

SuperOffice globally


of finetuning customer journeys

Offshoring partner

SuperOffice took the bold step of signing up with an offshoring partner to provide them with the technological expertise required to upgrade their systems.

Intuitive tech solutions

And this decision to offshore paid off. In addition to successfully revamping the existing system, the 99x team added new innovative components to the system and developed an intuitive customer service portal for them.

Reducing cycle time

SuperOffice further tapped into 99x’s quality assurance expertise to drastically reduce cycle time and improve productivity and performance.

11 years and counting

A long-distance partnership that started over 11 years ago with 4 people has grown into a fully-fledged team of 12 consisting of quality assurance engineers and developers, dedicated to bringing tech innovation into the SuperOffice CRM.

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Chrishan De Mel

Chief Marketing Officer