Equipping a ticketing platform with cutting-edge tech

With a mission to change how fans experience buying tickets for their favorite live events, Ticombo is an innovative ticket selling platform that allows organizers, resellers and private people to sell or resell event tickets.

It is a transparent marketplace, where buyers and sellers can interact with each other and the Ticombo team works tirelessly to maintain a fair, easy and secure ticket platform for fans all around the world.

The Ticombo team had a vision of developing a ticketing platform for all live events in Scandinavia – and they wanted a highly reliable, cost-effective partner to create this engaging platform. 99x came onboard to make that vision a reality.

Building a platform from ideation stage

It was a challenge from day one. Getting specifications to build the product was one of the biggest roadblocks faced, as it was the creation of a product right from scratch. The 99x team took on the challenge, with some incredibly tight deadlines snapping at their heels.

A mobile-responsive web app

A mobile-responsive, web-based app was created using Angular, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NodeJS.

Developmental best practices

In the process of creating this application, Ticombo was introduced to development best practices, with the setting up of processes and use of methodologies such as Agile.

Testing throughout product development

Testing was done concurrently by 99x as well, and the development and quality assurance teams together were able to deliver a successful product. Today, a person can effortlessly sell, purchase and resell tickets for live events through this intuitive platform.

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Chrishan De Mel

Chief Marketing Officer