Our strengths

99x is uniquely positioned to provide key elements that create the right environment for full stack developers to harness and maintain their skillset of end-to-end application development, rapid technology adoption and also the culture of learning and sharing.

End-to-end application development

Our development teams usually work on the end-to-end solution. Hence, they are exposed to all three tiers of the application. These teams already use languages and frameworks essential for full stack development such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, web/mobile frameworks and cloud infrastructure.

Rapid technology adoption

Our teams are constantly on the lookout for new tools, languages and frameworks that are used in product development. We work with the client to adopt them to enhance the value of their product, to provide a better user experience to their customers.

Culture of learning and sharing

Our culture encourages developers to learn by experimentation and share this on internal platforms in a safe environment. This enables our developers to ‘learn by doing’ without the fear of failure and become better full stack developers.

Let's talk about your product

We love engaging with new clients and our community. If you have an inquiry about building digital products or any other questions, get in touch!

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