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Autotech Development, a subsidiary of Autotech Teknikinformation AB, Sweden, has a 30-year history in producing learning content, visualisations, and product documentation for both the private and public sectors.

Autotech Development’s core product Sparkfore, is a subscription-based learning platform with a mission to simplify e-learning.

Unlike traditional learning management systems, Sparkfore’s primary focus is on companies that need to deliver training or educational content to their customers or resellers and aims to become the leading provider of e-learning solutions in Europe within the next three years.

Initial engagement

Initially, offshoring was never an option for AutoTech, however through mutual contacts and after understanding what 99x had to offer, they decided to choose us as their offshoring development partner.

Continuous delivery for cloud and on-premises

The 99x team has faced numerous challenges in implementing continuous delivery for an application that can be deployed in both cloud and on-premises environments. However, the team is committed to ensuring that Sparkfore offers consistent experience, regardless of the hosting environment. This approach has led to improvements in customer satisfaction and security.

Boosting innovation with the team

Collaborating with an offshore development has brought new perspectives and diverse skill sets to Sparkfore, resulting in more innovative solutions and increased efficiency.

Access to a pool of skilled people

“One of the key values that 99x brings to the table is that you have very skilled people, but in addition to that you give us access to the entire pool of skilled people. So, when we are venturing into something new, our development team has access to people who might have done something similar before and can ask them for advice.“

Anna Elvnejd, Co- Founder of AutoTech

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Jan-Tore Wollan

Director Business Development