Enabling rapid innovation through a swift legacy-to-cloud migration

Compello’s core lies in digitisation. They deliver services that enable customers to implement a completely paperless work environment, coupled with a simple and secure process for receiving, approving and distributing invoices and other documents.

This focus on reinventing the future of doing business saw the company being named the ‘Norwegian software company of the year’ by Microsoft in 2014.

Today, their solutions build a bridge between a company's ERP system and the documents that are sent to and from customers and suppliers. These cloud-based solutions can be integrated against all types of ERP systems.

Creating futuristic processes

Automating the end-to-end processes of invoicing

using Compello’s services


automating invoicing procedures

Outsourcing manual testing

Compello’s initial engagement with 99x was a limited one which started with manual testing for one core product. This slowly expanded to test automation.

Legacy to Cloud

In 2018, multiple legacy systems were slowing down the pace of innovation at Compello. They required more muscle to their development – fast. The quickest way to do it? By expanding their team in Colombo.

A team growing with the product

Compello first added some developers, and then when they needed it, some mobile developers. Now, the engagement scope covers development, manual and automated testing, performance testing and UX work across the entire product suite, with a team of 28 engineers at 99x in Colombo.

High level of skill

“The level of skill in Sri Lanka is just as high or higher than what we can recruit locally, and it is a shame if we don’t use that talent to its full advantage” Torgeir Lyngstad, CTO of Compello.

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