Technologically transforming traditional logistics

When a traditional logistics company was acquired in 2017, its new leadership found themselves at a crossroads. They felt that for the company to succeed, it needed to embrace technology as its core and transform into a ‘logtech’ (logistics technology) provider.

And so, the journey towards achieving that began. In February 2018, the first milestone was achieved. Now renamed to Easy2You, the board of directors backed a strategy to focus on technology – it would be the core of the development of Easy2You’s journey. Understanding that hiring and training technical talent themselves would take a long time, the decision was made to partner with a technology services provider.

Creating simple, futuristic processes

A one-stop logistics platform





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Mobile-enablement pilot project

The engagement with 99x was initiated to develop a mobile application, which was successfully implemented using React Native and Firebase. With this, Easy2You gained the confidence to entrust the 99x team with the development of the Transport Management System, to streamline B2B integrations.

A team growing with the platform

From an initial 3-person team, the 99x development unit for Easy2You has grown to 16 members over the last two years. The Norwegian and Lankan teams engage closely, with daily meetings, powering the Easy2You platform with innovative solutions backed by the right technologies.

Diversified suite of apps

Today, Easy2You is live with 2 mobile apps, 8 portals and 9 engines, all of which provide varied customer-centric digital solutions for logistics.

A good technical and business partner

“99x has been a good business partner in the restructuring of Easy2You, which is highly appreciated and a very important part of the story, beyond your technical skills” Espen Slyngstad, CEO, Easy2You

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Kari Bente Skarbø

Director Business Development