Enhancing the adventure sports domain with a cutting-edge ERP system

With over 20 years of experience in product design, production and sales in adventure sports equipment, the founder of PicaSix took a pivotal decision in developing PicaSix as his adventure sport equipment business reached a level where neither the production facility nor the office could handle the process anymore.

PicaSix is an ERP SaaS application built to automate complex chains and opened a completely new field of trading between production, supplier, office, importer, wholesaler and end customers. All of this comes together to prove its potential in operating faster and more efficiently than other systems on the market.

PicaSix is now available for public use and has other customers using the application, which brings in more new ideas, new workflows and improves the quality of the product.

Accelerated growth

The PicaSix team has grown to a team of 10, consisting of product owner, business analyst and project manager from Germany, and six developers and a quality assurance engineer from 99x, all who are passionate about developing a successful digital product.

Cultural diversity amongst a distributed team

Understanding and sharing the cultural values and beliefs of Germany and Sri Lanka allows them to bridge the cultural gaps within the team. The PicaSix team values communication and embraces cultural differences by sharing experiences via daily calls.

Moving towards cutting-edge integrations

Currently, PicaSix team is working towards migrating from DigitalOcean to AWS services supported by a Shopify integration, which will bring out new opportunities to boost sales.

Seven-year engagement

Seven years ago, 99x accepted the challenge of developing PicaSix, which now is a full-fledged digital solution.

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Jan-Tore Wollan

Director Business Development