Blockchaining your business

Commercial grade solutions on public blockchain for notarization and smart contractscurated by a team of experts with long term commercial experience and research capabilities to tackle theoretical problems.

Commercial-grade public blockchains

Public blockchains are much superior to private blockchains in terms of the level of credibility offered. Through years of research, we have found ways to address the high cost, speed and privacy issues in public blockchains, so that they can be directly used in practical business applications.

Varieties of use cases

We have applied blockchain in multiple domains such as supply chain, utilities and content curation. We are also working on ‘Zero Knowledge Proofs’ which will power the next generation of blockchains enabling ultimate privacy for business and personal data.

We are contributors

We are the main organizer of a vibrant community, the Colombo Blockchain Meetup, which holds monthly events to stay updated on the latest developments in Blockchain technology.

Let's talk about your product

We love engaging with new clients and our community. If you have an inquiry about building digital products or any other questions, get in touch!

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Chrishan De Mel

Chief Marketing Officer