Cloud migration

With our core competence in software product engineering, we leverage Cloud platforms to innovate faster with strong DevOps. We identify the right mix of Cloud services and software technologies while keeping the solution architecture elegant and uncomplicated.


Serverless isn't just a buzz word for us. With multiple implementations behind us, we understand its strengths and limitations in practice. We deliver better business value for our clients using Serverless technologies.


We focus on DevOps for better productivity and faster software delivery. With Cloud, this became a reality with the inbuilt support to enhance CI/CD, Telemetry, and Infrastructure Provisioning.


Using Cloud has enabled us to embrace the benefits of Microservices with minimal overheads. Using Cloud's middleware services, it became a viable option to address common challenges like event-driven communication, micro gateways, container orchestration, etc., and build robust solutions for our clients.

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